Website Migration SEO
Website migration is not always that simple.

When redesigning, domain changing, and other digital makeovers can significantly enhance the user experience and eventually give traffic a much-needed boost. One incautious move can destroy your SEO, your rankings and your revenue — all at once.
With what’s at stake, your business can’t afford to take any chances. But without a thorough plan for Website Migration SEO, even the most technologically adept re-platforming project can quickly turn disastrous.

We’ve already helped many to operate website migrations smoothly, and consistently maximizing return on their investment. If your business is gearing up to move to something bigger and better, our development and SEO professionals have the intelligence and capacity to get you through the migration process. All of it without sacrificing your search engine authority or risking your rankings on Google and Bing.
The connection between Website Migrating and SEO
You’ve got a lot to think about in terms of SEO when it comes to redesigning your site, switching to another CMS, changing domains or subdomains, converting from HTTP to HTTPS, or revamping your site architecture.

Content awaits to be moved and a new sitemap needs to be built. And you’ll need to update and redirect all of your URLs, internal links, backlinks and tags.

We’re not going to lie, any migration projects will cause a temporary decrease in traffic while the search engines process changes and update their indexes accordingly. But if you wish to minimize the disruption and avoid a possible fiasco, you’ve got to start planning for SEO in advance. It’s not something you can add later, and it shouldn’t become overshadowed by the design or technical aspects of migration.

By taking the time to create a detailed roadmap for Website Migration SEO, you maximize the probability that Google and Bing will eventually treat your new website the way they did the original — and possibly even better.
A Partnership for Post-Migration Success
When you’ve reached the point where a website migration is unalterable, take that as a sign of progress. That indicates your business is thriving, and you’ve surpassed the current platform.

However, any notable site migrations come with a lot of anxiety. You’ve spent years establishing authority with Google and Bing, and any major change could have consequences that will agitate your traffic and negatively impact your outcome.

So what do we help you with?

We’ll start by developing a clear set of objectives for your migration project. Once we get our grip on your goals, our SEO and development specialists will run a thorough analysis of your website and its pre-migration performance, establishing a benchmark that will allow us to monitor and identify any post-migration changes.

With the preliminaries dealt with, we can begin drawing up a comprehensive plan for Website Migration SEO that focuses on minimization of disruptions and maximization of opportunities throughout the entire project. After your roadmap is here, the hard work of redirecting URL, sitemap building, keyword mapping and search console configuration can begin.

But our partnership won’t end with the completion of your lately migrated website. As soon as it goes live, we’ll be monitoring the performance closely, as well as identify any areas that need additional work, and implement the required changes.
Our Perspective on SEO-Focused Website Migration
Before coming together at Ezca, we’ve built our businesses in the past. Now we’re helping you to build yours. Because we’ve encountered web development from your perspective, we’ve watched how quickly a badly planned and executed migration project can permanently damage a business. We don’t fancy a messy, one-size-fits-all approach that could cost you years of organic equity and render your online assets all but useless.
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