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Is your brand getting the most out of its online marketing efforts? Or are you more and more frustrated by the failure to convert?

If your answer is "yes" to the second question, know you aren’t lonely. About 92% of consumers don’t purchase on their first visit to a brand’s website. Even when they’re ready to buy, nearly 1/3 of visitors to a website or mobile app hardly or never make a purchase.
Although paid search and social media advertising will boost traffic to your site, new visitors are of little value if most walk away empty-handed. But what if you could start over with those consumers? After all, they’ve already shown an interest in your products or services — they might just need a gentle nudge.

Remarketing lets your business do just that. Your brand’s advertisements will turn up in relevant places. While prior visitors to your site continue to look at their options, increasing the possibility to eventually return to make a purchase.

If executed effectively, remarketing can also help you convert cold email contacts, provide opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, and nurture your audience through content marketing.

If your social media and paid search campaigns aren’t returning the expected results, our digital advertising experts can develop a remarketing strategy with the power to improve brand recall, increase sales, boost revenue, and provide the best possible return on your investment.
Why Your Brand Needs to Remarket
Remarketing has been here since 2010 when Google first offered the service for display ads. Facebook launched its version — Custom Audiences — two years later. By 2013, remarketing had grown to paid search.

All the major social media sites and search engines, such as Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, now offer remarketing options.

With a Click-Through Rate 3-to-10 times higher than the industry average, remarketing ranks as one of the most effective tools any business — large or small — can use to build brand awareness, strengthen brand recall, and eventually, drive sales.

Remarketing works because it allows you to target consumers who’ve already engaged with your brand. Not only are they more likely to notice and consider your advertisements as they browse, but they’re also far more likely to convert.

Brands that ignore remarketing stand to lose hundreds of customers annually. Yet far too many businesses reject the strategy and assume repeat advertising will only bug their audience. Research has shown, however, that just 11% of consumers view remarketing in a negative light. Thirty percent actually enjoy seeing remarketed ads, and the rest are neutral.
How It Works
Usually, a potential customer comes to your website, clicks on a service or a product, and probably even fills their shopping cart. But ultimately, they choose not to buy. If they find what they’re looking for somewhere else, there’s a good chance they’ll never return to your site.

But if you’re remarketing, a pixel or tag embedded on your page will drop a cookie in the user’s browser, allowing your advertisements to emerge on other websites and social media platforms as the visitor continues to surf the Internet.

When you remarket with Google Ads, customers will see your relevant advertisements on websites across the Google Display Network. Google also lets you remarket to anyone who’s viewed a video on your YouTube channel.

If you decide on remarketing with Facebook Custom Audience or other social media platforms, your relevant ad will appear in the visitor’s feed as a reminder of what they’re missing.

Remarketing can also let your advertisements appear in the search engines when former visitors search for appropriate keywords. You can even target consumers searching for terms and offerings similar to your own, but who haven’t yet found your website.

Email remarketing allows you to target customers who’ve opened your promotional emails or subscribed to your newsletter.
Our Remarketing Programs Target Your Business for Success
Effective remarketing makes your digital advertising work more for your brand. But launching and managing a successful remarketing campaign is a challenge for those with no experience in ad design, pixel, tagging, or data analysis.

Before we came together at Ezca, we were all entrepreneurs who had each started and sold several companies. We understand what it takes to run a business, and we know just how quickly a poorly conceived advertising strategy can damage your brand and permanently alienate your customers. That’s why we’d never go for an easy fix or cookie-cutter approaches that would only yield an uninspiring campaign, deplete your advertising budget, and offer little return on your investment.

We’ll leverage our experience in digital advertising to grow, develop and manage a remarketing strategy that compliments your website, appeals to your customers, and positions your brand for long-term success. We’re confident you’ll achieve your goals working with us.

If you’re ready to partner with our marketing agency, we’d love to talk and learn more about your business.
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