Press Release Copywriting
In today’s internet-dominated marketplace, the traditional media coverage inspired by a well-written press release can still provoke significant interest in your brand.
As a matter of fact, journalists everywhere continue to rely on press releases for leads and story ideas, with 60% favoring brand-provided releases to other informational sources, including websites, company blogs, and social media pages. Their ability to generate high-authority backlinks and direct click-throughs from interested consumers has also made online press releases an important component of any effective digital marketing strategy.

But for a release to go viral and generate the type of positive exposure every brand desires, it must be written from a journalist’s perspective, offer a compelling news angle around which they can create a story, and provide something their audience will find relevant and beneficial.

As a full-service and integrated digital marketing agency, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses gain mass exposure and auspicious awareness by drawing up newsworthy press releases that establish our clients as industry experts. Whether you need a quick response to an emergency or are looking to launch a long-lasting promotional campaign, our Press Release Copywriters have the exact tools to build talk around your brand and represent your business in the best possible light.
How Can Press Release Help Your Business?
Now that we have access to news 24/7 through the internet, radio and TV, issuing a press release to announce a product launch, promote an event, or highlight the accomplishments might seem a bit outdated.

But the fact is, there’s still a place for well-crafted, well-timed, and well-positioned press releases in just about any marketing and communications strategy, especially if you’re looking to:
Draw Attention
Journalists love breaking news, and reaching out proactively with a well-written and thrilling release highlights both your company’s credibility and your professionalism with the media contacts who matter.
Boost Traffic to Your Website
Online press releases got a bad name a few years back, thanks to "black hat" operators who spammed the internet with ill written, keyword-stuffed, and transparently promotional releases that served no other purpose except to increase search engine rankings. While that’s not going to work today, a journalistic press release with a compelling and newsworthy angle will still get the search engines' attention and lure readers to learn more by visiting your site.
Thanks to online distribution services, a press release can get your business featured on most major digital and media channels, including Google News, MarketWatch, Reuters, Yahoo! News,, and BusinessWeek, positioning your brand as a credible source of information and expertise to a potential audience of millions.
Reach an Audience of Millions
A press release doesn’t have to be your final word on a topic. In fact, the subject addressed in your release can stir up additional content for blog posts, marketing emails, guest-authored articles, and social media posts, potentially driving your online messaging strategy for weeks.
Stir Up Additional Content
If your brand becomes caught up in controversy or the subject of negative publicity, a well-written and factual press release sets the record straight and presents your side of the story to the public in a highly credible way.
Present Clear Facts
The Internet offers consumers different means of commenting on your products and services, and those interactions will help shape public perception of your business. Issuing a newsworthy press release lets you control the discussion around your brand and counteract any negative internet chatter.
Manage Your Online Image
Our Press Release Copywriters Know How to Write a Good Story
Every business needs to win the confidence of the consumers it serves.

And while an appealing website, informative blog, and engaging social media presence are vital to effective digital marketing, press releases — and the traditional media coverage they garner — remain a mighty tool for crafting your brand’s image and positioning your company as an industry authority.

Our copywriting team knows what makes a good story and are masters at creating outstanding, SEO-friendly press releases that not only catch the eye of busy reporters and editors, but also win attention from the search engines. From compelling headlines that grab readers' interest to a content structure that highlights crucial facts, our PR pros will transmit your news to the world in a way that encourages positive publicity, captures a broader audience, and aligns with your business goals.

Before getting together at Ezca, we were all entrepreneurs who had each started and sold several companies. Because we know from experience just how quickly a brand’s reputation can take a hit in today’s fast-paced digital world, we see Press Release Copywriting as a foundation of effective messaging.

We understand that your marketing dollars are precious, and we promise to treat your business as we would our own. We become just as frustrated as you — if not more so — when any promotional investment fails to pay off, and we have no patience for the time-consuming approaches — poor news angles, shallow subject, and lackluster writing — that may have held you back in the past.

When you work with Ezca, you’re leveraging the power of multiple minds with years of combined experience helping brands succeed in the internet marketplace. Try after try, our digital copywriters have found out how to craft significant and worthwhile press releases that deliver a first-rate return on investment.

We think you’ll find the results nothing short of amazing.

If you’re ready to put our competence to work for you, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.
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