Google Ads Management
In today’s online advertising marketplace, Google outplays the rest. It states that more than 75% of the US search market share and drives over 90% of paid search clicks on smartphones.
As a result, businesses in several industries leverage its ad management platform to advertise online.

But establishing a Google Ads account from scratch is an intensive task that might send even the most competent business owner into a panic.

And actually managing said account is another challenge entirely.

Managing Google Ads with Google Ads alone, which doesn’t provide any help with the right campaign structure, bidding strategy, or ad text optimization — can quickly become overwhelming without the right guidance.

On some occasions, that guidance may come from software that does keyword research, determining the right campaign structure, and strategic bidding more manageable. In others, it could mean outsourcing the work to more skilled digital marketers.

Regardless of which option you would like to pursue, Ezca offers a solution. Our marketing strategies make Google Ads management simple and effective; it simplifies tiresome and time-consuming work, letting you focus on your brand.

To give you a clearer idea of exactly how much work calls for maximization of return on investment for your pay-per-click campaigns, let’s have a look at the foundation of Google Ads management. This foundation consists of three high-level categories: experimentation, optimization, growth.
Adapt to Your Audience
It’s doubtful that you should pay for clicks from everyone on the planet. Physical location, demographics, and timing all play their parts in figuring out exactly who you should be marketing to. Always test new targeting methods and pair them with appropriate messaging.
Align Your Sales Funnel and Value Proposition
Google Ads allows you to target prospects at any point in the sales funnel. Someone searching for "stainless steel cups" conveys less intent to buy than someone searching for "Stainless Steel Cups 16 oz by Green Steel". Aligning your value proposition (something you’re offering in exchange for a sale or information) to the intent of the query is important.
Always Be Testing
A/B testing is never completed. If you aren’t trying new landing pages, if you don’t have two copies active in every group, your account performance will become stagnant.
Structure Means Everything
Organization is the key to Google Ads optimization. Without a well-thought plan and a coherent account structure, advancement is impossible. You wouldn’t build an additional floor on top of a crumbling one, would you? Carefully crafting cohesive ad groups of semantically similar keywords guarantees improved Quality Score and lowers costs.
Strategic Bid Management
In Google Ads account management, setting initial bids is simple, but managing them can be hard. Realizing when to value position and how to boost Quality Score and ROI is obligatory. Know where your money is going and get the most out of your budget by making the accurate bids.
Identify Your Competition
Through third-party tools, or just googling the keywords you’re bidding on, you can make sense of your competition. Knowing what you’re facing is the best way to adapt your ad copy.
Seize The Power of Remarketing
When you’re driving thousands of clicks to your website, not every one of them will convert. Remarketing lets you strategically modify your offering, tailoring it to audiences who have taken precise actions on your website. Marketing to new customers is beneficial: nurturing potential buyers familiar with your brand is even more crucial.
Digital Exposure: The Internet’s Cost-Effective Answer to Billboards
Although the Search Network is significant for granular targeting, Digital Exposure is the perfect way to reveal new prospects to your business and, more importantly, present them with the top of your sales funnel. With alternatives that allow you to serve ads across over 2 million websites and Gmail inboxes, Digital Exposure is the next rational step after optimizing your Google Ads campaign.
Scaling Up onto More Platforms
Once you’re content with your Google Ads account’s performance, it’s time to search for new platforms on which to advertise your services or products. Facebook and Bing are the logical next steps, but both of them are just as subtle as Google Ads. Knowing how to make this leap in a planned way is essential to avoiding wasted spend and gathering more leads.
An Entrepreneur’s View On Google Ads management
Google Ads management is an important part of any company’s approach to business. At Ezca we understand what it takes to run a brand. And we know just how quickly a poorly conceived management strategy can harm even the most successful business. That’s why we’d never go for an easy fix or cookie-cutter approaches that would only wreck your bidding strategy, misinterpret your campaign structure and offer little return on your investment.

We will optimize Google Ads for your brand, and you will be able to see fast and transparent results. We will take the guesswork out of online advertising — customized alerts tell you what to do now for cost savings and better results. Our marketing experts are going to focus on building and optimizing your account so that you can focus on your business.
We’re confident you’ll achieve your goals working with us.

If you’re ready to partner with Ezca, we’d love to talk and learn more about your business.
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