Geofencing Advertising
What if you could target digital ads to consumers when they shop near you or at a competitor's store? Or while attending a local sporting or cultural event?
Now imagine what that could do for your brand and your income.

It may sound like something from a science-fiction movie. But in the era of the smartphone, location-based mobile advertising that allows your business to target individuals on a hyper-local, granular level is a reality.

It’s called Geofencing, and it’s really nice. It’s also incredibly effective.

Not only do consumers use smartphones to find location-based information every time, but they’re also more likely to buy from mobile apps that customize information based on their whereabouts.
Why should you take advantage of Geofencing? Well consider:
Location-based advertisements are 20 times more successful, at generating returns, than traditional banner ads.
3 out of 4 customers will complete an action after receiving a message as they approach a specific location.
Mobile ads with Geofencing have double the click-through rate.
If Geofencing is new to you, or you've tried in the past but were not that impressed, Ezca can help you plan a location-based campaign calculated to inspire customer loyalty, improve user engagement, and get your brand in front of consumers genuinely ready to buy.
Geofencing: How Businesses Can Delay Their Customers
The vast majority of the population — from GenZ’s to Boomers — have a smartphone. That implies a GPS device in their pocket knows their exact location at any given time.

Geofencing takes advantage of this technology by letting you draw a virtual fence around any geographical location — restaurants and stores, schools and colleges, event venues, even neighborhoods, and shopping malls. Smartphone users who enter this "conversion zone" while their location services are active will receive your advertisements for the next month.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant located in your city’s theater district. You can place a Geofence around the venues closest to your location and target theatergoers before and after the show.

Best of all, you can choose exactly when your geofencing ads will appear. Does your physical location experience the most traffic during weekday lunchtimes? Set up your campaign to run Monday through Friday from noon to 2pm.

All the major social media platforms — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn— offer geofencing capabilities, as do Google and Bing. You can also send Geofencing ads through your own and third-party apps.
What a Virtual Fence Can Do For Your Brand
How can you use geofencing to grow your business? The possibilities are almost endless.
Improve Customer Service: Send a notification asking visitors to complete a survey after they’ve left your location. Their feedback will help you improve your overall customer experience.
Remarket to Previous Customers: Target loyalty programs or special offers to customers who’ve already visited your store or engaged with your website or mobile app.
Drive Visitors to Your Physical Location: Add Geofences around airports, hotels, tourist attractions, and special events to convince visitors to stop by your physical location.
Intercept Customers at Competitors' Locations: Add a Geofence around your competitors' locations and promise customers a better offer if they visit your store.
Optimized Data and Analytics: Geofencing provides real-time data on everything from ad impressions and views to conversion zone visits. With this data at the ready, you can quickly identify what’s working and what’s not, and tweak your campaign accordingly.
Geofencing Programs to Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage
At Ezca, we think every business should invest in Geofencing. But running an effective campaign — from ad design to analytics — takes a lot of time that you probably don’t have.
We’re all entrepreneurs who’ve each started and sold several companies. We know what it takes to run a business, and we know just how quickly a thrown-together campaign can sink a brand. Furthermore, we understand that you must make the most of every marketing dollar, and we have no patience for uninspiring and aimless ads that deliver little return on your investment.

When you work with Ezca, you’ll be drawing on the power of several minds with years of experience in the digital marketing world. We’ve spent years experimenting with user acquisition and have the know-how to create and manage engaging campaigns that will give your business a competitive edge, drive sales and revenue to new heights, and position your brand for sustainable long-term growth. We’re confident you’ll love our results.

If you’re ready to put our expertise to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.
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