Ecommerce Marketing
We major in growing ecommerce companies
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Ecommerce has already taken over 14% of the retail marketplace globally and is prepared to claim a 22% share by 2023.

The majority of American adults shop online, with 25% visiting an ecommerce store at least once a month and 16% visiting once per week. More than 40% of online shoppers in the United States — including nearly 78% of Gen-Z customers and almost 79% of Millennials — buy impulsively.

As these numbers show, the ecommerce marketplace gives every brand — large or small — access to millions of prospective customers who would otherwise be unreachable. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling physical products, online courses, vacation packages or digital downloads, ecommerce platforms like Shopify offer the opportunity to grow sales and revenue well above your most optimistic expectations.

As a full service and integrated digital marketing agency, we’ve already helped hundreds of online businesses reach their full potential in today’s increasingly crowded and fiercely competitive ecommerce marketplace. Whether you’re new to online retail or an established business looking to expand, we can put together and execute an ecommerce strategy with the tools to increase brand awareness and loyalty, bring new customers to your virtual door, and deliver the maximum return on your investment.
A Blueprint to Connect with Today’s Online Shopper
Today’s buyers are mobile and connected to the internet virtually 24−7.

They’re spending more time researching products — an average of 13 days for high consideration items. And 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar location, today’s shopper is going to look for you online. Without an attractive and user-friendly ecommerce website, you could lose out on hundreds of sales daily.

At Ezca, our ecommerce experts make the best of custom functionalities offered by Shopify, Shopify Plus, and other digital retail platforms to build lovely virtual stores that deliver the one-of-a-kind experiences today’s customers crave.
Strategy & Planning
After a full assessment of your creative and technical needs, our eCommerce experts will develop custom solutions for growth and success.
Website Design and Branding
A user-centered and data-driven approach to design allows us to create compelling online storefronts and seamless shopping experiences that drive conversions and build brand loyalty.
Our creative team has mastered the art of crafting fascinating product descriptions, stunning images, and illuminating videos to achieve brand consistency and effectively provide users with the information they need to convert.
Content Creation
Their extensive knowledge of Shopify and other ecommerce platforms allows our technical experts to speed up development and reduce costs. Their rigorous standards and extensive review procedures ensure your code, structures, and workflows are bug-free before your store goes live.
Our SEO pros will guarantee every element of your online store — from site architecture and design to product copy and keyword strategy — is fully optimized to rank at the top of Google and Bing.
Ecommerce SEO
Our ecommerce advertising experts know how to promptly optimize and scale successful PPC and display campaigns to reach consumers who are already looking to buy.
Paid Search and Display Ads
We’ll take the advantage of the best analytics tools to ensure your digital store performs up to its potential and quickly correct any issues that could jeopardize your success.
Constant Monitoring and Optimization
A Word About Ecommerce Platforms: Why We Adore Shopify and Shopify Plus
From WooCommerce and Magento to OpenCart and Shopify, today’s digital entrepreneurs have their pick of ecommerce platforms, each offering something exclusive. How do you spot the one that will successfully deliver on the outcomes and objectives you’ve set for your business?

While every platform has its positives, we favor Shopify and Shopify Plus. From our perspective, this duo surpasses all others when it comes to rich features, aesthetics, functionality, quality, efficiency, and simplicity. Shopify and Shopify Plus already power over 1 million businesses globally, and merchants using the platforms have generated more than $ 135 billion in sales.

Original Shopify is a perfect match for small-to-medium business, entrepreneurs new to ecommerce, and those looking to launch a product quickly. Shopify Plus takes everything great about Shopify and supercharges those features to serve large enterprise businesses that require unlimited staff accounts and the ability to handle over 10,000 transactions per minute.

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus are easy to set up and use; offer customizable product pages; let merchants sell across multiple channels like Instagram, Amazon and Facebook; and provide access to analytics. Although they share a very similar interface, Shopify Plus offers some nice capabilities you won’t find on original Shopify, including superior customer support, checkout customization, more functionality for growth, the ability to sell in several currencies, increased API access, and unlimited bandwidth.
Let Our Entrepreneurs Grow Your Ecommerce Brand
Before getting together at Ezca, we were all entrepreneurs who had each started and sold several companies. We’re passionate about ecommerce because we know just how quickly a poorly designed site, neglect to the user experience, and pointless advertising campaigns can damage even the most well-established online company. And we have no tolerance for cookie-cutter approaches and quick-fix solutions that fail to deliver any return on investment even as they deplete your marketing budget.

We get that every dollar counts, and we promise to treat your business as we would our own.

When you partner with Ezca, you’re channeling the power of multiple minds with years of combined experience navigating the online marketplace. After working with hundreds of brands, we’ve learned how to leverage Shopify, Shopify Plus, and other ecommerce platforms to win over customers and keep them coming back.

If you’re ready to put our expertise to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.
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