While it might not be the biggest fish in the sea, it’s a mistake to ignore Bing advertising.
Bing’s search engine has nearly 900 million searches daily worldwide.

Moreover, Bing is integrated with Outlook, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Skype. And it also powers Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and lots of other search engines that aren’t Google.

Have a question for Amazon Alexa or Cortana? You are using Bing’s search.
While Google Ads will always be the most popular among others in the world of online advertising. You are missing a huge opportunity to connect with millions of people who don’t use Google when you overlook Bing.
Diversify with Bing Ads and Watch your Brand Expand
Diversification is a vital element of any digital marketing campaign.

Microsoft advertising, previously known as Bing Ads, lets you run campaigns across three different search engines: Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Your advertisements can also pop up on any sites owned by those search engines, as well as their partner sites.

That means your Bing advertising could perhaps appear to 63 million users you won’t be able to get on Google.

Bing’s searchers tend to be slightly older, better educated, and have higher incomes compared to the average Google user. More than half are looking for product information, and 43% are looking to discover new brands. Almost all of them have shopped online in the past month.

The Google Ads market is filled to the brim, and it’s tough for brands to stand out absent a big spend. But with fewer advertisers competing for keywords and placement, clicks in Bing are 33% cheaper, while the average click-through-rate is about 50% higher.
Bing Ads: an Improved Way to Target Your Customers
Digital advertising is all about putting your ad in front of the consumers most likely to convert. While Google introduces the most targeting options, you’ll find enough features on Bing that you won’t get with Google Ads.

Are you aiming to target your ads by location, ad scheduling, or language? Bing allows you to do all of that at the ad group level. Google restricts you to the campaign.

You can also select to target Bing advertising to the entire search network, to just Yahoo and Bing, or to choose search partners. Google only offers this option on the display network.

Google restricts age and gender targeting to the display network. Bing lets both at the ad group and campaign level.

Bing also provides all the classic ad extensions you’ll find on Google, and a few more.

With Bing’s image extension, you’re able to upload an image that will show up right next to your advertisement. You can even join a unique URL with each image to guide users to different pages on your site.

You are also able to set a call to an action button — reserve, buy now, sign up, or contact us — within your ad copy. The ad directs users to your website, and the button points to a corresponding action page.

Bing also offers many social extensions, including a Skype button.
An Entrepreneur’s Perspective to Elevate Your Bing Ads
Entrepreneur’s Perspective to Elevate
Your Bing Ads
If your goal for your online advertising is to extend as wide as possible, you need to be using both Google and Bing. But using Bing’s Ads in a way that generates clicks and conversions takes a team of marketing pros who understand the platform’s peculiarity. And who’ll know how to leverage its nuances for maximizing return on investment.

At Ezca, we’ve each started and sold several companies, so we bring an entrepreneur’s perspective to all of our work. We know that every dollar counts, and we promise to treat your business as we would our own. Like you, we know all too well the frustration that comes from poorly conceptualized and badly run digital campaigns. And we have no time for badly executed campaigns, that delivers little in the way of value as it eats away at your marketing budget.

When you partner with our marketing agency, you’re getting first-hand experience of our expertise in performance marketing combined with the intelligence of our pros. After many cases, we’ve become chiefs at crafting compelling Bing Ad campaigns that put brands ahead of their competition. We’re confident you’ll achieve your goal with us. Because we are good at growing companies.
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